September 2011

Everyone’s Favorite 19th Century Woman

I’m not quite sure what it is that makes an iconic literary character.There is no set guideline, no way to truly measure the greatness of one character over another. That being the case, after pondering the thought, I decided to ask a number of my friends who they would call their favorite fictional females. Their responses covered a wide span of genres and authors.

Hell is a Teenage Girl

To each their own is a mantra to which anyone involved in media fandom really has to subscribe if they want to get along with others. I wasn’t all that jazzed about Juno when I saw it. I don’t get the appeal. However, Jennifer’s Body, by the same writer, blew my mind. If you ask a lot of people, Jennifer’s Body is about Megan Fox’s tits. I have to wonder if these people have actually watched the film.

Great Expectations: The American Dilemma - Women and Psychology Column

While I understand that anyone from all over the world can read this, I also admit readily that my world view is shaped by where I’ve grown up.I come from the land of the “pursuit of happiness,” but the prevailing sentiment of the vaunted “American Dream” is now that you end up with a nuclear family consisting of “Two fat incomes plus a two-car garage plus two master-bathroom sinks plus two-point-something kids equals one happy family (Sandler, 2011 qtd. pp. 73).”

Consuming Culture: Staying “Open” for New Experiences - Women and Psychology Column

In psychology, when they tell you to study personality, they also tell you to just look to the OCEAN or use a CANOE. Apparently someone out there has a water fetish. These acronyms are both muttered by students at final exam time to help them remember the “Big Five” aspects of personality---openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticisim. Most of these are pretty obvious. An extravert loves to party down and enjoys being in crowds; they’re social. Conscientious people are thoughtful and detail oriented, a bit rigid.

Dana Scully – Every Woman, Tough Woman, Masculine Woman

In her book, Tough Girls: Women Warriors and Wonder Women in Popular Culture, Sherrie Inness noted the close tie in lineage between Dana Scully and her predecessor, Clarice Starling. Both are tough, driven FBI agents. Both are placed on undesirable assignments---the skeptical and logic-driven Scully paired with “Spooky” Mulder for what originally seemed like nothing more than paranoid conspiracy theories, and Clarice interviewing the most prolific cannibal in the country as no more than a trainee.

Reflections of a Mourning Soap Fan

It's been a sad few years for soap opera fans.  All My Children will go dark in September of this year as will One Life to Live just a few months later in January of 2012. And in 2009 and 2010 we saw the end of Guiding Light and As The World Turns.  The soap opera fan base is a passionate one.  Fans are running twitter, email, and letter writing campaigns in an effort to save their favorite shows. 

Our Airbrush Culture

Airbrushing is everywhere, like those ubiquitous bedbug commercials on New York 1. Like those commercials, it changes your perception of reality. When I stay with friends now, I'm always giving their sweetly proffered couches an appraising side glance. Sure, it looks bedbug free, but who knows? According to the commercials I see incessantly throughout the day, there is an epidemic that I could fall prey to at any moment. A few months of watching bedbug commercials and I've managed to convince myself that they are everywhere, just waiting for their moment.

Scully’s Daughters

When Dana Scully first appeared on our TV screens in the fall of 1993, she was a ground breaking character. Her intelligence and courage were equal to her male counterpart. She didn’t have to be saved every episode or cower in a man’s arms when confronted with a gruesome site. Maybe the most shocking of all, she could run in outfits other than halter-tops and hot pants.

Avatar: Welcome to the World of Smurfs - Women and Psychology Column

In my day job, I’m working toward my doctorate in developmental psychology. Since blogging is brand new to me, I think that’s going to be my day job for a long time. My work, currently, focuses on helping children with autism by using computer programs, especially those with avatars. An avatar isn’t really all that much different than what James Cameron presented in the film of the same name. Okay, so it’s not always a big 10 foot tall smurf wannabe. That’s not necessarily the preference.

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