May 2012

Kristine Sutherland on Playing a Mother, Being a Mother, and Everything In Between

Kristine Sutherland is more than Buffy's mom. She's an actress who's graced big and small screens for over 25 years, from soaps to dramas and comedies, a photographer, a mother, and a very graceful and intelligent woman. We were so pleased to kick off our Motherhood Month by asking her a few things about her years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her life since, and how she feels about entertainment's responsibility to young girls...

Animated Motherhood: Top Ten Cartoon Moms of TV and Film


As a girl with only one parent of the Dad variety, my ideas of motherhood were often shaped by what I saw on TV. As a kid, most of what I wanted to see on TV was animated and, though cartoons might give you some bad ideas of stepmotherhood, moms were fairly solid. They were loving, wise, often strict, but fair, with endearing quirks or flaws that often let us kids know not to take those grown-ups too seriously. 

An Interview with the Slayage Online Journal of Buffy Studies Editor, Elizabeth Rambo

Dr. Rambo of Campbell University has long been a scholar in the field of Buffy studies and works on the editing board of the popular online academic journal Slayage, devoted to furthering Buffy studies around the world. She talked with us about Buffy studies, great Buffy-speak quotes, and Cordelia Chase, Queen Bitch of Sunnydale.

1) Can you explain who you are and what your background is for our readers?