Margaret J.B. Bates

Co-Founder, President/Treasurer
Margaret Bates majored in developmental psychology at Duke University and then continued her studies toward a Ph.D. with an emphasis on autism intervention at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. After a hiatus from academia, she is currently completing her master's in I/O psychology at The University of Baltimore and is an aspiring author of urban fantasy fiction. She's always been interested in media studies, having co-authored a paper with a UNC communications professor on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the Slayage journal as well as presented at Slayage's annual conference in 2006.  Margaret hopes to work through Legendary Women to highlight admirable female inspirations for young women in an over-saturated media. Similarly, she hopes to create opportunities for women and men alike to create positive female-centered media projects and find ways to band together to benefit girls and women with charitable giving.

Elizabeth De Razzo

Co-founder, Board Member Emeritus
ELIZABETH DE RAZZO is a native of Laredo, Texas, she always knew she wanted to be a performer from an early age. After moving to Los Angeles in her late teens, Elizabeth began pursuing her career in earnest, dividing her time between theater and the small screen. Elizabeth was able to incorporate her first love, singing, in her co-starring role as Estella in the stage production of Real Women Have Curves: The Musical. She enjoyed featured parts in The West Wing and Six Feet Under; co-starring roles in ER, United States of Tara and Southland, and a guest starring role on Cold Case (that still gets her recognized to this day). Fall of 2010, Elizabeth joined the cast of HBO's Eastbound & Down as Maria. 

Morgan Glennon

Advisor to the Board
Morgan Glennon is a working journalist who researches and performs interviews with a variety of newsmakers. She is also a freelance writer specializing in television and entertainment coverage. Her writing can be found at her blog Morgan Writes. She believes that the portrayal of women in the media is important for guiding the dreams and careers paths of future generations of young women.

April Walsh

Media Coordinator and Public Relations; Blog Staff Writer/Contributor
April Walsh is a professional singer, working primarily in Laguna Beach, CA. In her spare time, she is active in several fandoms and forever hopes television reaches a place where no one has to argue for better representation of women. You can find her at her twitter as well as her tumblr pages.

Verushka Byrow

Board Member; Blog Editing Team
Verushka is a freelance writer, blogger, editor, proofreader and copyeditor in her own little corner of the world called Editing Everything. There she reviews books, apps and anything else of interest to freelancers like herself...and pretty much anyone else really. Throw in editing advice and interviews with authors and bookstores around the world, and you’ll get the general idea of the type of geek she is.

Megan Hussey

Awards Runner; Blog Staff Writer/Contributor
Megan Hussey is a feminist erotica author and journalist awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from LINCS (Family Support Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force) and Sunrise Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center for her newspaper coverage of these issues.   She has written paranormal-based fantasy stories for a number of publishers and for companies that include Playgirl and Good Vibrations.  Currently she represents Dusk! TV, a women's adult channel, and writes for Scandalous Women magazine.

Agatha Aramayo

Blogger/Staff Writer; Social Media Team
Agatha Aramayo is a George Mason University Alumni with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Studies. Currently working in product placement, she is a public relations event coordinator that connects brands and businesses with major motion picture and television studios. She is also a filmmaker and an actress, currently in preproduction for her first web series. In her free time she enjoys trendy fitness classes, traveling, and spending time outdoors with her Yorkie.

Julia Travers

Blogger/Staff Writer
Julia Travers is a writer, artist and teacher in Virginia. She writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and marketing content and runs the artist interview site 5 Questions for the Artist

Morgan Barker

Blogger/Staff Writer; Social Media Team
Morgan Barker is a William and Mary Graduate who does technical writing by day and authors novels and articles by night. She is a farm girl at heart who loves writing about food issues, feminism, and pop culture (or some combination of the those). In her spare time, she refinishes furniture, designs clothing, and attempts to pick tunes on the banjo.

AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps

Blogger, Assistant Design
AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps is a professional studio artist and avid gamer residing in Maryland. In the past four years she has been a featured artist in a number of Midwestern art shows and her abstract impressionist work hangs in several galleries across the United States. She is the creative force behind Black Arrow Workshop, an art and design studio that, among other things, does pro bono graphic design work and marketing plans for non-profit organizations. AMJ has been active in the online video game community for 16 years, playing and moderating games like Counter Strike, Runescape, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm. When she isn't painting or gaming she likes to do volunteer work and cook. She is currently working on a coloring book featuring holidays from around the world and a cookbook for special needs children.

Michael Carrier

Blogger/Staff Writer
Michael enjoys writing about and discussing movies and television, both formally and informally.